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Mastodon Update

I had a question yesterday that I should have addressed on the blog. 

The Mastodon Ivory is scheduled to be a Northfield #73, flat bolster,  two blade jack with a spear and pen blade.  I’ve had a couple other inquiries as to what the configuration was going to be….and now ya know!


Mastodon Ivory coming soon!!

Got word this morning that the awaited Mastodon Ivory is coming soon.  It appears that it has been ordered and now it’s just a matter of getting it in and putting the knives together.  I’m hoping that we could see some knives in the next few weeks!!!  I’ll update everyone as soon as pricing info comes through.


New feature

Going forward, I’m going to try to remember to add a link when I list a new knife on the blog that will take you to the listing in the storefront.  It’s always been a irritant to me when someone announces a new product for sale that I’m interested in and then they make me work to find it!!!  Well…..I’m as guilty as anyone. 

There’s no way I’m going to get the time to go back and change/add this feature to previously listed items, but going forward, I’ll try to remember and make the addition. 


New Burnt Orange Navajo Jigged 73’s are in!

More of the single and double blade 73’s arrived this morning in Burnt Orange Navajo Jigged Bone.  One minor detail I failed to mention when the first one’s came in was just how slim these knives are.  The single blade with Flat Bolsters measures roughly .375″ in thickness and the double blade measures 1/2″ thick.  That makes for a really nice slim pocket knife.

Metalform Magazines are back in stock!

To all you that have been patiently waiting, the Metalform Mags are back in stock.  I brought back the ever popular Lanyard Loop Repro mags, the Ace 22 mags, FBI configurations as well as a couple of new prodcuts.  You’ll now find Stainless 7 rd with and without bumpers.  Another interesting item is the 8 round 45 Elite.  It has a micro polished finish, round counter, nontip follower and removable CobraMag base.  Super smooth operating magazine.

Sales on all of the Metalform mags have made it difficult to keep up with demand.  Each time I’ve brought in new magazines to test the interest, I’ve had all of them sell out!  I guess I’ll just slowly keep expanding the line.  I believe Metalform has over 80 different configurations for the 45 clips, so there’s always something new to bring in.


73 Single & Double Blade Northfields w NEW Flat Bolsters!!

Another variation from Great Eastern!!  I have two new Northfields with Antique Peach Seed Jigging with Flat Bolsters and a new blade etch.  Right now, I still have serial #’s 2, 3 and 4 available in both the single and double blade models.

The new flat bolsters make for a really nice pocket knife.  I’ve always preferred the single blade 73’s and the flat bolster is a welcome change. 

It’s rather interesting the new etch came when it did.  I had a post on the blog yesterday by someone that wasn’t fond of the old, larger 1 of 50 etch.  I think this takes care of it.  It’s a little smaller and I think a bit more tasteful.  They’re available in either a single or a double blade.  Really nice looking handle material.

My test results for the #73 Tidioute 2 blade in River Blue…

I just received my #73 Tidioute 2 blade scout in River Blue bone a couple of weeks ago and decided it needed tested!  It’s so good looking I almost hated to start carrying it, but I did.

I’ve used it around the farm for almost 2 weeks and have been cutting hay strings, feed sacks and other paper products, and many numerous other cutting jobs.  I haven’t sharpened the blades at all, just using the factory edge.  I have been using the spey blade primarily for cutting hay strings on round hay bales.  If you’ve never done this, it is one of the harshest cutting jobs you can do with a knife.  If a knife can hold an edge well after doing this several times, it’s a good knife.  My 73 is still shaving hair!  Granted, it is just barely shaving hair, but it has held up much better than I expected.  It will still cut paper with no problem.

I have made custom knives for 20 years.  I know a quality knife when I see one.  When I first opened the package on my 73 Tidioute, I thought to myself, WOW!!!!!!!  This knife is handmade quality in a production knife!  The fit and finish is fantastic.  The springs are heavy which I really like, and the bone handles really set this knife off!

The only thing I don’t like is the ugly 1 OF 50 on the blade.  GEC PLEASE TAKE THE BLADE ETCH OFF!!!  It really distracts from the beauty of the knife.

Other wise, it is as near a perfect knife as can be found in a production knife.  GEC, you make one great knife!  I will definitely be buying more of these for my customers who like factory made knives.

Craig Blankenship
Booger County Outfitters LLC.