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New “Pocket Friendly” Barlow EZ Opens are here!!!

The #23 to big for you???  The 73’s still a bit too much???  The Whittlers and Big Jacks just too big to comfortably carry around????  And the Barlows are nice, but they still seem a bit bulky, hmmmmm………

Your prayers are answered.  Built on the #25 Barlow frame, the New EZ Open #253109 is absolutely the most “pocket friendly” knife GEC has brought out to date.  With a Sheepsfoot blade and a long swedge, let me share two important statistics with you for consideration.

  • The original #25 Barlow weighs about 2.5 ounces
  • Tne NEW EZ open weighs about 1.9 ounces
  • The original #25 Barlow is around 9/16″ thick at the midpoint
  • The NEW EZ open is around 7/16″ thick at themidpoint

What you end up with is one really nice feeling little knife!!  Another interesting observation is that for me, the EZ Open notch falls just about perfectly in place for me to get my third finger into for a secure hold on this compact little unit. 

These will be in the store later on this afternoon.  The first one’s to arrive are Burnt Orange (pictured), Copper Snake, Mexican Bocote and Oiled Smooth Bone.  Prices are great ranging from the around $57 to $62.  One final note, these are the first of the GEC’s with 2009 blade markings.

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