Monthly Archives: November 2008

735208EC Burnt Stag is in! 11/29/08

Just got some of the new 735208EC Burnt Stags this afternoon.  This makes a great match for the 73EC Linerlock I’ve got.  Really nice matching stag.  Knives are serialized from Left to Right: #24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.  Be sure to check the inventory sheet to see what’s left in stock.  I’ll try to keep it up to date!

#25 Abalone’s arrived!

These are already sold, but I had to share the pictures with you.  If this is any indication of what we can expect to see on the#73’s I’m very excited!!!  The depth of color and variation on the 25’s is nothing short of gorgeous.  Unfortunately, the run was limited to somewhere in the 25-28 piece range.

Abalone is on the way!!!

Just got price confirmation on the #73 2 blade Abalone’s.  They’re listed in the store at $189.95 shipped and I should be getting the knives the week of December 8. 

I’ve got a listing going in the store and you can just click on Abalone 73’s to get there and prebook.  Sorry, no pictures yet, but I’ll get them up as soon as I get them!! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!


First Pix of the 3 Blade Whittler!!!!!

Finally!!!  Here’s a preview of the 3 blade whittler.  Now before anyone bemoans the fit and finish….this is a preproduction prototype in the truest sense of the word!!!!    The blades aren’t finished, sharpened, etched, stamped, bolsters aren’t finished, panels aren’t fitted, etc, etc.  The blades might be made of aluminum for all I know, but this is what a new knife looks like somewhere between an idea on paper and actual production.  We’re never gonna get a quicker peek at a new product then this…..unless someone’s a mind reader.  Many thanks to an ‘insider’!!!!!  Should have a couple more pictures in the next day or two!!


Coming soon!!!

Couple of items coming in the next week or so will be….

  • 25 Long Pull Jack Burnt Stag

  • 25 Long Pull Barlow Stone Blue

  • 25 Mother of Pearl max of 27 pieces total ~ sold out

  • 25 Abalone max of 33 pieces total ~ sold out

  • 73 Northfield 2 blades, END CAPS, ABALONE!!! ~ run of 50

  • 73 Northfield 2 blade END CAPS, Burnt Stag

I’m also (im)patiently awaiting more information on the new 3 blade 3 spring whittler and…..possibly more.


New Barlows are in!!!

Received the Northoute / Tidifield Long Pull Jack today.  If you weren’t paying attention, you’d never notice.  The blades are marked Northfield and the handle has the new Tidioute corset shield.  They ran a total of just 32 of these so it should be a nice collectible.

I also got in some of the 25 Long Pull Barlows (unserialized) clip/pen with Burnt Stag.  These have some really nice looking Burnt Stag!