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Did you read the January 2009 issue of Blade Mag???

Not sure how many of you get Blade Magazine, but…if you get a chance, pick one up and read the article starting on page 28 in the January 2009 issue.  It’s a terrific article about Great Eastern Cutlery with some really nice pix.

So…. how does this affect any of you?  Let me give you a tip.  The magazine was distributed on the East Coast the first of the week and I hadn’t gotten a copy yet.  On Tuesday, I started getting requests for Great Easterns that were pictured in ‘the article’ in Blade mag.  I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.  After talking to Chris at GEC, I found out what ‘article’ everyone was talking about and ended up selling a number of knives to new customers that previously weren’t familiar with GEC.  Evidently, GEC received numerous inquiries about the line and we’ve got a new group of collectors that joined the flock. 

In other words, people are taking notice and the reaction is good.  While it could potentially tighten up some of the availability down the road, that’s not all bad if you’re thinking about selling a couple of those ‘safe queens’!!!  


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New “3 Back Spring Whittler” coming SOON!!!!

Just in time for Christmas I’m told!!!

There’s a brand new Great Eastern coming out that’s going to be called a 3 Back Spring Whittler” which I’m going to refer to as the 3BSW.  Understand there’ll be more details coming soon, but at this is point this info is about as fresh as your gonna get!

My understanding is the size of the knife will be close to the 54’s.  It will originally be offered with a Clip blade as the main blade on one end with it’s own spring.  On the other end will be a long Spey and long Pen blade each with their own springs.  Now, what makes this design unique is that most 3 blade knives will have 2 springs with two opposing blades sharing the same spring (which is referred to as a split back spring).  The 3BSW will have 3 separate springs, one for each blade.

The blades will be arranged so that the Clip blade will lay between the Spey and Pen blades when closed.  The Spey and Pen blade springs will extend to the ends of the handles and will probably be flush with the bolsters while the Clip spring (in the middle) will be shorter.

There’s also going to be a couple of different bolsters.  One line and maybe a three line, one squared and maybe one slanted.  As I said, more details will be forthcoming.

NOW, I am really hopeful that (with a lot of luck and a well placed bribe) I can get my hands on a photo of a mockup.  Negotiations are underway!  Stay tuned.


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The New 73 Jacks are in!

Just got in the 73 Jacks.  The Northfields are in Burnt Stag with a Spey and Pen blade, while the Tidioute’s are Hemlock Green Bone with the New Style Shield.  If you order the Burnt Stags and have a serial number preference, please include a second and third choice.

These are serial #’s 11, 12, 13, 14, 15SOLD, 16 SOLD, 17 and 18

And the Hemlock Green.

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Don’t Forget the October Knife Giveaway!!!

Just want to remind everyone, that if you’re thinking of making a purchase through the TSA Knives store, get it done before the end of October if you’d like to be entered in the latest knife giveaway.

Everyone making a purchase in the TSA stores during October will automatically be entered in the drawing.  In fact, your name goes in the drawing once for every item purchased. 

I’ll be posting the winners name on Saturday November 1st so don’t miss out!!!


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New Knives to watch for in November

Coming up around the first week of November will be:

  • #25 Tidioute Jack with Sheepsfoot and Pen Blades, Old Shield in Acrylic ~ Patriot Ltd run of just 29 knives

  • #25 Tidioute Jack with Sheepsfoot and Pen Blades, Old Shield in Acrylic ~ Red w/ Black and Blue Swirls both Numbered and Unnumbered

  • #25 Tidioute Jack with Sheepsfoot and Pen Blades, NEW Shield, Jigged Red Bone Numbered and Unnumbered


These are all going to be Barlows with the new UNXLD Bolsters”:

  • Stonewashed Blue Projected Run: 55

  • Burnt Stag Projected Run: 100

  • Abalone Projected Run: 33

  • Mother of Pearl Projected Run: 27

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Another Limited Run Barlow Coming!!!

GEC is making a run of just 29 Tidioute #25 Jacks with a SHEEPSFOOT and a Pen Blade, both regular pulls.  Originally, these were going to be unnumbered, but I purchased all but a handful of them and requested that they number them.  The last I knew, they will be serial numbered with a COA stating the total run quantity.    They’ll feature the Acrylic Patriot Handles which will be the last standard production run knives made with the Patriot material.  On top of that, they’ll feature the old style Shield rather then the new Hourglass (or corset) shield. 

This is going to be a great transitional pattern.  The end of a handle material, old shield and new blade configuration in a very limited quantity. 

Obviously, I’ll get pictures up as soon as I get them in.


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Ltd Run Bronco Charlie #23 Northfields arrived!!

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, GEC made a special run of just 22 knives in Red Wine Bone continuing the Bronco Charlie Commemorative Series.  In 2007 they made 76 knives in Horsecut Walnut and 96 in Buffalo Horn as part of a run of 250 knives.  This run of Red Wine Bone is by far the lowest production variation yet in this series.  Great looking knife with the ‘old’ Northfield blade etch, swedged blade and 235108 tang stamp.

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Some things to watch for yet this Fall!

I’ve got a few teasers I’m going throw out for you all to chew on.  

I recently inquired if there were any new patterns to anticipate in the near future that I could talk about on the blog.  The answer was……well, we’ve got a few more projects we’re working on with what’s out there.  And of course I asked, can you give me a clue.  While I was trying to find something bigger then a matchbook to make notes on, I picked up a few key words and phrases.

How about a Northfield with a new “shield”,….. pen blade…colors…more long pulls..and new jigging???  Or  better yet…how about  a “sheepsfoot” blade on a jack??  

Now, what I’ve found to be true so far is that by the time these ‘projects’ get leaked the wheels are already starting to turn.  In other words, I’ve got a distinct feeling we’re gonna see new twists and tweaks in the very near future.  Stay tuned!!



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#23 Northfield Bronco Charley VERY limited Run coming!!!

I’m happy to announce that next week TSA Knives is getting in a very limited 2008 run of the Bronco Charley #23.  The knives are a Northfield Single Blade that originally came out in 2007 with a total of 76 in Horsecut Walnut followed by 96 pieces with Buffalo Horn handles.   The tubes they came in had a secondary label which contained a genuine 4cent stamp commemorating the Pony Express.

TSA Knives will be getting the entire 2008 run of just over 20 knives which will have Red Wine Bone handles, the commemorative stamp AND the blades will carry the old carry over etch from the original run but the blades will be date stamped 2008.  This should prove to be a very popular and difficult to come by collectible.


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New Picture Feature in the Store!

I am reallllly glad to announce a new feature in the TSA Store .  Going forward, there should be multiple pictures of the new knives that will allow you to see different views as well as closeups.  This has always been a great help to folks looking at the stags wanting to know what both sides of the knives looked like as well as a top view.  Welll, you got it!!!

If you take the time to check out the recently added Barlow, Genuine Stag Barlow you’ll see what I’m referring to.  Hope this helps everyone and if you’ve got suggestions as to the views you’d like to see, I’ll TRY to accomodate.