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I’m back!!! and man have I got knives!!!

It’s been a grueling week, but….. I’m back.

First off, thanks to everyone that placed orders this week for having patience.  Tomorrow morning, I start boxing up ‘Dusty Rose’s’ and everthing else that was ordered this week and they’ll go out on Tuesday.  Monday’s a holiday.

Second…Here’s what came in this week.

  • 735108 Northfield Dusty Rose

  • 735208 Tidioute Burnt Carved Stag Bone

  • 735108 Northfield Genuine Stags

  • 235208 Tidioute Burnt Grizzly Cuts

  • 252208 Tidioute Inferno Bone

  • 235108L Tidioute Burnt Grizzly Cut

  • A very few Limited Run “hand mixed epoxy” 235208’s and 735108’s four different colors

I’ll try to get an early start tomorrow and get some pictures up.


73 Genuine Stags and a 23 Two Bladed Tidioute on the way!

There are a pile of new knives coming through next week and I’ll try to get them up just as I get back.  A couple of items that will be here by next weekend are:

  • #73 Northfield in Genuine Stag.  GEC ran a few of these a while back and we’re finally going to see a few more come through.

  • #235208 Tidioute with Two Blades in Grizzly Cut.  This is a bit unusual as the #23 is usually a single blade.  My understanding is that there are just a handful of these coming out now and GEC may go ahead and produce more.  They will be numbered and I can’t tell you why they aren’t going ahead with the full run now.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting some knives in tomorrow and will get a chance to put them up before departing.  Remember, I won’t be shipping anything until the week of 9/1/08.


Taking a few days off…..again!…more product testing!!!

I’m going to be temporarily suspending operations for the week of 8/23 through 8/30.  The store will be open and orders will be accepted, but I won’t be shipping anything until 9/2/08.  There’s a pile of new knives coming out  this week and I’ll try to get everything updated in the store next Sunday.

This isn’t a vacation.  It’s a rather vigorous weekend of camping, maybe some fishing and canoeing, knife testing possibly golf.  Yeah, I know.  Don’t feel too bad for me.  I just hope the bears haven’t finished off the blueberries yet.  Sounds like it was a great crop this year.  If I’m lucky, may get some blueberry pancakes for breakfast, even if it is getting a bit late in the season for picking.

Actually, one of the knives I’m kinda looking forward to trying out is one of the Fallkniven A1’s.  And of course I’ve got a couple of scruffy looking GEC’s I’ll drag along.  A burnt stag muskrat and a burnt stag 73.  I’ve been thinking of breaking out one of the Open House Barlow’s and putting it through it’s paces.  See how it works as a companion knife to the A1.

Chat later!!!

Prebook the Dusty Rose #73’s Now.

The Fuchsia #73’s sold out very quickly and I know a few of you didn’t get a chance at one.  Sorry, but nothing I can do about it. 

So this time around, I’m going to put the #73 Dusty Rose’s in the store for prebooking.  I don’t have any photo’s availble, but my understanding is that they’ll be a pinkish..dusty rose color.   A much lighter color then the Fuchsia.  There will be less then 15 of these available and again, when they’re gone, they’re gone.  I”ll be shipping them out starting the week of September 1.

I’ll post a photo as soon as I get them in.


One hand opening knives and lockbacks banned in Germany

Those of you that get Blade magazine read the article on page 6 of the September issue, “Readers Respond” by Bram Frank.

In a nutshell, Germany has recently banned all ‘one hand’ opening knives and all folding knives with locking blades.  Without trying to ‘reprint’ the article, it appears the lawmakers have effectively banned the sale and possession of Spyderco, CRKT, many, many others including a few Great Eastern knives.  The logic is that these are weapons of choice of miscreants.

I recently got an email from Luke in Australia and we were discussing the upcoming US presidential elections.  We’d previously talked about the Supreme Court’s Second Amendment decision and Luke made a statement how lucky we were in the US that we had a document that protected our rights.  Pretty keen observation for someone halfway round the world.

With a background in the shooting and hunting sports going back 40+ years, I’ve made an effort to stay informed about proposed laws affecting guns, knives, hunting restrictions, etc.  It’s always been so frustrating to watch so many laws passed strictly on emotion with total disregard for logic or reason.  At the risk of offending any of you on the west coast, I’ve always found it fascinating to listen to some of the arguments and justifications for some of the laws that get passed on a state level out there.  They made murder a crime a long time ago, but I don’t think it’s really had much effect on the murder rate. 

One of the more interesting debates I followed was the proposed ban on the civilian ownership of the Barrett type rifles chambered for the .50BMG round.  Somewhere along the line, someone lacking any ability to think, suggested that this could be a weapon of choice for the gangbangers.  Let’s see, at around $4-5 a round, a rifle weighing 30 pounds and roughly 5 feet long…. oh yeah, I could see the muzzle getting stuck out the window of a low rider on a drive by.  AND, a new Barrett 82A1/M107 can be had for a measly $8600 + change.  So far, common sense has prevailed.

So to bring this back to the knife industry, it’s interesting to do a little reading about the switchblade laws in the United States.  What a knee jerk reaction to a non-existent problem.  (it was them damned Jets and Sharks that started it all)  But what should give us all reason to pause are the cases that have been reported around the country dealing with agressive law enforcement stopping folks with ‘pocket clips’ sticking out of their pockets and the ocassional accompanying charges under the switchblade laws.

One of my favorite sayings is by Groucho Marx and pretty well sums it up:

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

I’m with you Groucho!

Blade Steels Reference link

Sometime back I’d written a brief article about the GEC’s being offered on Ebay with the 420HC blades and had made a few comments regarding a comparison with 440C.  I’ve got my own opinions regarding 420 steels and meant to pass along the following link if you weren’t familiar with blade steels: (link is no longer active) Try Knife Art by Joe Talmadge  instead

This is an excellent source of info with way more information then most of us need or want about blade steels.  I always like to have a few good resources to fall back on and I’ve found this one to be great.

If you’ve got any favorite links for background info regarding knives, send ’em in and I’ll put together a list.


New Knives in the works!!! ~ UPDATED 8/20/08

Start saving your spare change gang.  Here’s what’s coming up in the next couple of weeks.

  • 23 Northfield Two Blade Manmade handle material NOT acrylic several Hand Mixed Epoxy Handles” Marked “Factory Test Production Run” colors:

    • Camo

    • Red / Black

    • Teal / Black

    • Granite

  • 73 Northfield Single Blade Manmade handle material NOT acrylic several Hand Mixed Epoxy Handles” Marked “Factory Test Production Run” colors:

    • Camo

    • Red / Black

    • Teal / Black

    • Granite

  • 23L Linerlock Tidioute Grizzly Cut

  • 23L Linerlock Northfield Horsecut (only about 20)

  • 73 Northfield Genuine Stag Single Blade (about 12)

  • 73 Tidioute Burnt Carved Stag (bone?)

  • 23L Northfield Jigged Buffalo Black

  • 23L Northfield Jigged Buffalo Red

  • 73 Single Blade no lock Jigged Buffalo Black

  • 73 Single Blade no lock Jigged Buffalo Red

There’s probably going to be a couple more items come through in between, but these will give us all something to think about!!