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Starting 6/27/08 Free Shipping on 2008 Great Easterns Knives!!!

Starting this evening, June 27, all orders for 2008 production Great Eastern Knives will ship FREE.  Hopefully, I’ve changed the coding on all of the 2008 knives so that at checkout, no shipping will be added.  IF I’ve overlooked one, I’ll get the shipping refunded to you. 

The remaining 2006 and 2007 products will have the shipping added until the stock is exhausted.  It’s been a pain getting the shipping properly computed to accurately reflect shipping and this is going to simplify the process immensely.  We’ll see how it works!


Great Eastern Cutlery Tour hours extended Saturday July 19!!

For some reason, the screen isn’t always showing the update I made to the entry regarding the “Total Knife Weekend” coming up July 18 & 19.  Great Eastern Cutlery tours will be open to the public on Friday July 18 from 8:30 AM til 2:00 PM and Saturday July 19  from 8:30 AM til 4:00 PM!  Just wanted to make sure if you’re on a tight schedule, the crew will be grinding them out a bit longer for you on Saturday!! 

Make sure to tell them thanks for the extra effort as I don’t think many of us wear a big smile when we have to work Saturdays!!


New 73 Long Pull and 73 Linerlock Just in!!

Can’t remember if it was Jack, Jim, Chris whomever that was glad to see the Long Pull offering from Great Eastern.  They do make for easier opening and they have a great ‘old time’ look to them.  Personally, I really like the looks of the Long Pull blade design.  Not sure if it’s the nostalgic look or the fact that it makes the blade a bit more interesting to look at…but I like it.

  I just received some of the 735208LP’s in Burnt Stag this afternoon and a new offering of the 73 Linerlocks in Frontier Bone.  The couple of Burnt Stags I looked at were really nice.


Make July 18 & 19 a “Total Knife Weekend” in Pennsylvania!!! Updated 6/26

I just got hold of a bit of info some of you might be interested in.  Friday and Saturday, July 18th & 19th Case Knives is having an open house for the public  AND just up/down the road, Great Eastern Cutlery is also going to be having a special event for anyone that would like to stop by for a tour.

Great Eastern Cutlery will be offering tours to the public from 8:30AM till 2:00PM Friday and 8:30 to 4:00  Saturday!  The production team will be working both days making knives, so you’ll probably get to watch the new #25’s being produced. 

I’ve never been out there, but what a great chance this would be to see a couple of first class operations within an hour or so drive of each other.

Here’s the driving directions to Great Eastern Cutlery in Titusville, PA and if you get lost or confused, just give Great Eastern a call at 814-827-3411


  • Exit Interstate 80 onto Route 8 North at the Barkleyville, Oil City, Franklin exit

(You’ll have about a 40 mile drive passing through Barkleyville, Oil City and Franklin on the way to Titusville.)

  • Make a right turn at the Second Stop Light in Titusville on Spring Street (27 East) and stay on it for about 6 blocks till you’re driving past the Football Field with the famous Titusville Rocket.

  • Take the first right once you’ve passed the Football Field onto Caldwell Street

  • and stop at the 2nd brick building on the left which is part of the Titusville Opportunity Park.

If you can make it, say hi to Chris and Patty for me and I want a report!!!!


28 Knives Scheduled for Release in July!!!! updated 6/27

Start filling the cookie jar with spare change cause July is going to be a BIG month for new Great Eastern releases.

Okay, with the understanding #1) I take lousy notes, #2) Absolutely nothing but death & taxes are chiseled in stone.  This is the ‘tentative‘ production schedule for the month of July and could change, but it’s something for us to look forward to.

Beyond the 25 Barlow’s there’ll be a couple new handle materials we’ve not seen yet.  In fact, one hasn’t been formally named yet.  So when you come across “Inferno” or “New Jig“, the Inferno name could/will/might change, but it’s basically going to be a stag bone with a new ‘jig’ pattern.  At this point, I don’t have a clue what it’ll look like.  There’s also going to be  a “Burnt Ramrod” which will be a ‘scraped stag bone’.  Understand, these could change.

And the latest news on the #25 Barlow.  Production slid back a few days and they’ll probably start to ship the second week in July.  The initial production will be around just 30 pieces (Tidioute TM) with blades etched “Factory Test Run” finished with various colored acrylic handles.  Soon thereafter, the ‘normal’ production run of 25’s will begin.

So here’s the projected July schedule:

  • 54 Northfields    Clip/Punch    Red Barnboard  Red Hangman’s Bone  New Jigging Pattern!

  • 54 Northfields with Spear / Punch Red Barnboard  Red Hangman’s Bone

  • Moose Northfields in Genuine Stag ( only 19)

  • 54 Northfield Genuine Stag ‘Big Jack’ (about 8)

  • 735208 Long Pull Burnt Stag (about 8)

  • 73 Northfield Single Blade Burnt Stag (33)

  • 73 & 23 Northfield Single Blade Inferno / New Jig

  • 25 Tidioute Barlow’s Various Acrylic “Factory Test Run” (about 30)

  • 25 Tidoute Frontier Bone

  • 25 Tidoute Jigged River Blue

  • 25 Tidoute Diamondback Chocolate

  • 25 Tidioute Inferno / New Jig

  • 53M Muskrat Northfield Amber Jigged Bone

  • 23 Tidoute 2 Blade Trapper Frontier Bone

  • 23 Tidoute Linerlock “Burnt Ramrod”

  • 23 & 73 Northfield Single Blade Inferno / New Jig

  • 54 Northfield Clip / Punch Burnt Stag

  • 54 Northfield Spear / Punch Burnt Stag

  • 54 Moose Northfield Burnt Stag (blades at opposite ends)

  • 54 Moose Northfield Red Barnboard   Red Hangman’s Bone (finishing the run)

  • 25 Northfield Amber Jigged Bone

  • 25 Northfield Sawcut Almond

  • 25 Northfield Horsecut Antique

  • 25 Northfield Genuine Stag

  • 25 Northfield Sawcut Green

  • 25 Northfield Jigged Red Wine

By my count, that’s pretty close to 28 knives which is almost 1 new knife a day for the month of July.  If you can’t find something you need or at the very least something interesting in this lot have someone check your pulse….


Testing a 53 Muskrat With Stainless Blades

Sometime back I had asked and was asked if anyone had used or had an opinion of the Great Eastern Stainless Blades.  Didn’t get any feedback so I pulled a 53 Muskrat Great Eastern with Burnt Stag handles out of inventory and have been using it for getting close to a month now. 

A couple of quick observations that are totally irrelevant to the stainless blades.

I really liked the cut outs for accessing the nail notch.  Makes grabbing the blades a breeze.  Also, the shape of the handle makes for a really comfortable handling knife.  A nice feature of the muskrats is that no matter which way you grab it, you’ve always got the ‘right’ blade ready to open.  Finally, the burnt stag handles look great on this pattern.

One thing I do miss on the Muskrat is the positive half lock position on the blade opening and closing.  I know I’ve whined before about the stiff springs, etc, but I have to say since I’ve gotten used to it, I like that solid half way stop.  The Muskrats may open a bit easier, but you just kinda slide on past the ‘half way mark’.  Not a big deal, but noticeable if you’ve carried other Great Eastern models.

The only other ‘design’ criticism of the pattern is the fact you’ve got two identical blades.  My problem with two identical blades is that I have a tendency to let both blades get equally dull before working them over.  If I’ve got, say a clip and a spear, each blade will have it’s assigned tasks and will be maintained accordingly.  This doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Great Eastern, it’s just my preference.  In fact, I really prefer a single blade 73.  I have enough trouble staying on top of one blade let alone two and I’d probably end up institutionalized if I started carrying a 3 blade pattern!!!

The fit and finish on this particular knife is superb.  Great match on the side panels, one of the best jobs of setting the rivets I’ve seen and the blades are dead center.  Don’t get any better then that!!  Very nice.

The Blades:

Okay, I’m going to preface this by restating, I’m a fanatic about a sharp knife.  In addition, 30 years ago, I was totally taken by my first Buck knife after carrying a countless rusty Imperials, Case and Schrades.  After years of using a series of stainless blades, I was reintroduced to carbon when I started using and selling the Bark Rivers.  All of a sudden, I discovered the merits of excellent quality high carbon blades.  They may take a little more maintenance, but my knives are used daily and cleaned accordingly so no big deal.

That being said, out of the tube, this 53 Muskrat would shave hair with the best of them.  The first day of use, I put it through the paces opening mail, cutting down some cardboard and a little light gardening duty.  By the end of the day it was clear the edge wasn’t close to where it started out. 

Pullng my thumbnail across the edge of the blade quickly determined there was a ‘burr’ that had rolled over leaving a very dull blade on a new knife.  I checked both blades and both had burrs that hadn’t been buffed off during the finishing process.  If I had taken a little more time prior to putting it into service, I would have done a routine run across the strop and resolved the issue myself.  Once I knocked the burr off, it was a snap to bring a razor edge back in no time.  BUT, it was a bit dissapointing to lose an edge so quickly on a brand new knife of this quality.

Over the next couple of weeks, it got a regular workout and that means everyday use at all kinds of tasks.  I found myself constantly checking to see if the edge was holding up and I think I probably may have gotten a bit overly critical after that initial experience. 

The only recent stainless reference I have is a CRKT that I used for an EDC for a couple of years.  I know the CRKT is AUS6 and I dont’ want to start a shouting match about AUS6, 8, 440A, B, C, D, X or whatever.  The Great Eastern took an edge every bit as quickly as the CRKT and I’d say it did a better at holding it.  Draw your own conclusions.

Personally, other then the out of the box’ issue, I thought the 440 blade performed fine.  I have an admitted prejudice in favor of carbon, but I’d sure have no issues carrying one of the Great Eastern Stainless models.  I’ve probably read too many articles about the merits of carbon over stainless, but I’d really like to hear from someone else regarding the Great Eastern Stainless.  I’m sure there are as many opinions out there as there are knives!!!


New Knives coming in next week and the latest on the Model 25….

Saturday or Monday, we should have some more of the 735108 Genuine Stags.  These are the nonliners.  There will also be a few of the new 541208’s in Frontier Bone.  Next week, there will be more 23 Linerlock Genuine Stags and some Frontier Bone Linerlocks. 

I’m still waiting on more (…more?? any!!….) details on the new 25 Barlow.  As yet, no one seems to have ‘seen’ one yet.  If they’re trying to build suspense…’s working.  The only very minor detail I’ve picked up on, is that the first ones may not be Genuine Stag and they’re still pushing for the first week of July for delivery.  How’s that for a hot tip!  I’ve got my hopes up and can’t wait to see one.

Have a good weekend!!!


Current Inventory Posted on the TSA Knives Website!

Starting today, I’m going to display the TSA Knives, LLC inventory on the website and see how it works.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  It’s accessible from the ‘front page’ of the store at TSA Knives, LLC.  I’ve just added a button at the top of the page entitled: “Current Inventory”. 

I can’t keep it updated on a daily basis, but it should give you a good idea what’s in stock particularly if you’re looking for a particular serial number.  When new knives come in it can be tough to just get them in the store promptly, so don’t depend on the Inventory page to find new releases.

IF you’re looking for a specific number, drop me an email and I’ll confirm it’s available.  Once I confirm it by email, place your order at once.  Three times this week I had more then one buyer for a specific knife and it’s first come first served.  This happens frequently when a new release is posted so don’t wait if you really want it.

Let me know if the Inventory page is of any value to anyone. 


54 Un-X-LD Genuine Stags!!!

How in the world did I overlook posting these on the blog??????

I got in some of the #54 Un-X-LD Genuine Stags with both blades on one end.  These are a super nice knife with some beautifully matched stag handles.  They’ve got the long nail pull and what I’ll call a long swedge.  VERY smooth opening knives with a good solid half stop.


Serial numbers 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 Left to Right.

New Arrivals 6.19.08 !!

I just got in some more of the 735108 Genuine Stags.  These have been trickling out in small lots and I’m glad to see more come in as it is a really nice pattern with some great looking stag!  From top to bottom, they are serial numbers #4(SOLD), #14(SOLD), #15 and #16.

I also received the first of the 541208 HJ Clips with Frontier Bone.  Great looking traditional pattern.  I currently have serial numbers 2, 3 and 4 still on hand.

Saturday I’m expecting another box of knives, and I’m not even sure what they’ll be!!!!