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#54 Stags are Here!!! Lots of them!!!!

I didn’t expect to see these until Tuesday and didn’t realize they’all come at once, but the did and that’s great.  I have the Un-X-LD Genuine Stag #54 (both blades on one end), 54 Moose, 54 Harness Jacks with either clip or spear masters.  AND, all of them start with serial #2 and go up (whoops, the Gen Stags start at #4).  Every effort will be made to keep ‘matched’ sets available and theirs no extra charge.  I apologize for not grading these like the last stags, but I flat out did not have time.  Felt it was more important to get them out there and give everyone something to think about this weekend!!

Genuine Stag Un-X-LD Genuine Stag #54’s  serial #4 – 9 from left to right.

Harness Jacks w/Clip Blade Burnt Stag Serial #2,3,4,5,6 Left to Right

Harness Jack Spear  Burnt Stag  Serial number 2,3,4,5,6 Left to Right

Moose Burnt Stag  (Serial #5 is sold)  Serial Numbers #2,3,4,6 Top to Bottom

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The 54 Harness Jacks are HERE!!

Got’em today and they look great (as expected).  I got two with the Spear and two with the Clip blades and of course both have the awl or punch.  More then anything, it’s the ‘look’ of both the Moose and the Harness Jack that I like.  They’ve both got  a 1930’s look to them that is great.  Back in a time when a knife was a tremendously important ‘tool’.

I’m really happy that two of the knives I received are ‘rare’ birds, so to speak.  The first is the 542208 Water Snake which was a run of 5 knives which are numbered.  #’s 2 thru 5 are available, as of this writing.

The second is the 541208 River Blue which was a run of just 15 knives (unnumbered)

The next is the Chocolate Bone with the Spear blade and part of a run of 50, serialized ( I have #’s 4-8)

And finally, my favorite, the Burnt Carved Stag Bone which is a run of 50 serialized knives.

Nice looking knives!!


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The #54 Moose is here!

Finally got the Moose in and I really like them.  The first one’s I received are Carved Burnt Stag Bone and Brimstone.  The first of the week we’ll be getting more 54’s with Burnt Stag and some Genuine Stag and more…

Physically, the Moose ‘carcass’ is based on the #53.  Size is identical BUT there’s a couple of noticeable differences.  The first one I noticed was the lack of an ‘easy open’ notch found on the Muskrats.  This is the cutaway found near the pull on both sides.  (Muskrat is the bottom knife)

The second item (which I really like) is the ‘positive’ half lock position when you open and close the blades.  The Muskrats kind of slide past that half open position, but the Moose let’s you know it’s halfway through the ‘cycle’.  Since I’ve gotten used to the hefty spring on the Great Easterns, I’ve really come to like that solid stop halfway to closing.

And of course the most obvious difference are the blade configurations.

The Moose has a really nice classic, nostalgic look to it.  Can’t wait to see more!!!!  Any one interested in Serial numbers, I was fortunate to receive Serial Numbers 2-11 in both the Carved Burnt Stag Bone and Brimstones and will pay the shipping for anyone wanting a ‘matched pair’. 


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Take time to thank a “Vet”

Tomorrow’s Memorial Day and I’m sure we all have plans.  If they don’t include a parade, memorial service or other activity recognizing our veterans, let’s all take a minute to say a silent thanks.  And to any Vets and active duty personnel that might be reading this, THANKS!


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Frontier Bone

Hi from across the pond,having  always carried a pocket knife since I was a lad certain types have always appealed to me.The recurrent theme being bone handle usually clip point style.Now I like most of you started with a slippie and I dont recall any problems or mishaps but then I discovered the lock knife, Buck of course!
 I also came across G10 single hand opening etc well recentlyI got to thinking about my boyhood slippies and decided to revisit my past so a hunt round on the web reveals GEC hmmm nice no UK dealers,ok so I e mailed Greg and 2 weeks later a Frontier bone tidioute is snug in my pocket.It is a fine tool the fit and finish is good,better than my moore maker for sure.I wanted a user and knew if I bought something fancier it would live in a drawer.The blade is kind of toothy sharp, nice!I love 1095, the handles are getting a nice pocket worn matt look to them already I work outdoors so it gets used not abused for various tasks every day.I would also say that the strong backspring I really like and pretty much negates the need for a lock ,it feels good and secure in the hand but also has a nice slim pocket footprint and is the perfect size for edc .The only way this could be kicked out my pocket is if GEC produced a knife the same size with a  single clip blade and jigged bone handles(think PJ Tomes)are you listening GEC?I like the very safe and old timey look to it as well ,very paternal and non scary in these times of paranoia.So if you want a nice user I thoroughly recommend one.The knife being reviewed is the very same one pictured on Gregs site ,who I would like to say is a top man to deal with and lightning fast in reply to any questions.Regards Andy.

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Slightly Different View

Hey GEC fans, I received my fourth Great Eastern knife this week.  No, not from Greg at TSA Knives but from an Ebay seller, however we thought maybe some of you would be interested in some observations anyway.  It’s a 2007 Red Diamond Back Bone Tidioute #73 Scout Trapper, Serial Number 210.  It is new in the correct tube, with the wax paper wrapping.

Now the fit and action are excellent as I’ve come to expect from GEC (with one exception, more on that later).  However, when I first handled it, I was disappointed to feel rough flaws in the finish of the handle scales.  Close inspection revealed the tips of several of the ‘diamonds’ in the bone jigging were loosened or broken, (kinda hard to describe) particularly on the back scale.  Perhaps this one is just an exception that escaped QC notice since my other ’07 and ’08 Tidioutes and Northfields had no such defects.

I was thinking of removing the problem areas and dressing with my Dremel and polishing the areas.  But, I’m thinking, is there a better idea? hey Superglue.  I’ve used it before to wick into cracks in bone and stag handles.  Wow, it worked and all spots are now solid after drying overnight.  I’ve now carefully dressed a few rough spots with a diamond Dremel burr (by hand, not in the Dremal) and polished everything with a dab of Simichrome.  It’s now smooth as silk, check out the pictures.

Now about that one fit issue.  During the work on the scales, I noticed that the closed blade tips were just a little bit proud of the liners, enough to catch careless finger tips.  Well a little careful work with my jeweler files by lowering the kicks has fixed that as well.  Took a little more work than I anticipated though, those 1095 blades/kicks are really hard.  Good stuff.

I really like this thing better all the time.  Its time for some pocket time, cutting stuff, and see if I can get some nice blue and gold patina going like on my first one that I won in Greg’s drawing recently, the Red Buffalo that I’ve told you about.

So, no harm, no foul as they say.  This is sometimes how old retired guys amuse themselves and have fun.  But the real deal for many of us I think is the final quality control that is provided by the dealers and distributors like Greg, linked on the GEC website.

Jack G (Jaxon)

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Model 54 Production Schedule! Here’s the Details!!!!

If I get half of this right, it’s gonna be a miracle.  My day started almost 17 hours ago and I’ve got a ways to go yet but I really wanted to pass this info on as soon as I got a chance. 

I had a conversation with Chris at Great Eastern this morning and she threw more information at me then I could handle.  Information overload!!!!!!  Let’s start with this…. understand, these will NOT all be coming out this week!!!!!!!

The new 54 Harness Jack should be ready to go late this week.  (If I understood correctly, the 54’s will have end caps).  The first one out of the stable will be the Tidoute “Moose Pattern“.   The Moose Pattern will be the only one of the 54’s with blades at opposite ends.  It’ll have a Clip and Spear Blade (no Punch). 

It will be available in:

  • Brimstone

  • Carved Stag

  • Patriot

  • Cracked Marble (no serial #’s)

Then expect the following…

Moose Pattern with Clip / Punch blades:

  • Carmel Apple

  • Sandbar

  • Carved Stag

  • Frontier Bone

  • River Blue (very Ltd Numbers)

Moose Pattern with Spear / Punch Blades:

  • Diamond Chocolate

  • Carved Stag Bone

  • Frontier Bone

  • Water Snake

NORTHFIELD #54 with Clip / Punch also with Spear/Punch

  • Burnt Stag (Ltd Numbers)

  • Rd Barn Board

  • Horsecut Stained Green Tea

  • Smooth Yellow Bone (something new)

UN-X-CLD Jack with Clip / Spear Blades On the same End

  • Genuine Stag (Ltd Number)

No Great Easterns in the works at this time, but I’m sure we’ll see some later.   Trust me there’s more then this coming but this should give everyone something to think about over the weekend!!!  I’m also posting more info about the detailing on the knives on the  TSA Great Eastern Newsletter 

And Remember, everyone buying a knife from TSA Knives by June 6, is automatically being entered in another drawing, this time for a Free #54!!!

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More on Red Buffalo

Just a note to you GEC fans.  My (thanks again Greg) Red Buffalo 73 went to the Dana Point Yacht Club Opening Day festivities this weekend.  He didn’t get to cut much, due to my Wife’s warning about embarrasing behavior, and despite the lousy cutlery provided by our reception luncheon.  Oh well, I felt confident if any necessity.

Anyway, this little knife has now taken over my pocket and won’t seem to let any of my other knives challenge for EDC.  Now I’ve got a couple hundred knives, so this is good enough for me as a recommendation.  Shameless promo, my apology, and I’m not even on the TSA/Great Eastern payroll.



ps: Maybe I’ll get the new issue #54 to test.  Hee, hee.

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#23L & #73L Brimstones are in!!!

Just got the 73 and 23 Linerlocks in Brimstone in and they look great.  I was lucky enough to get serial numbers 2 thru 7 in both knives so anyone interested in a matched set, I’ve got em!  They’ll be available individually and I’m not pushing them as a set, but you don’t always see them come thru in sets like this.

Color is nice and consistent on the knives I looked at and they’ve got a great ‘gnarly’ feel to them!!

TSA Knives, LLC