RSS Feed Issues

I just found out  Google has made an update to their “Chrome” browser that’s causing a failure on RSS Feeds.  If you tried to subscribe and are getting pages of code rather then the sign up option, the recommendation is to go to the FireFox Web browser.  Should work fine over their.

My understanding is that Google is taking a ton of heat as the change is affecting RSS feeds other then mine.  GoDaddy advised me that they anticipate Google will most likely revert back or make a patch to fix the problem in the near future.  But for now, try using FireFox if you’re having an issue.

Don’t ya just love technology????  And Dave, thanks for bringing it to my attention.  Your not technically challenged, technology is just challenging you!!!

Weekly Update 12.9.16 It’s Winter!

Best to start this weekly update with the announcement that it is officially winter in this part of the country.  We’ve had snow, high winds, blizzard conditions, high temps in the mid teens and we’re heading below zero tonite.  Oh ya, and the lakes all have a thin skim of ice on the.  But what really makes it official is  there is a rumor that the first ice fisherman drove out (or tried to drive) on one of the local lakes yesterday with his pickup and discovered 2″ of ice won’t support a pickup.  Not sure if alcohol was involved but if I were a betting man…..

GEC announced the Charred Oak version of the Beer Scouts this week to surprise of virtually everyone.  I had a couple of customers email me asking about them and that was the first I heard of them.  They’re running 225 of them and are apparently being allocated to dealers.   A number of you have emailed and called requesting a reservation but based on the low number I’m getting, I won’t be taking reservations.

A special run of 225 is a fairly big number for GEC so I’m guessing it may not be impossible to find one.  Just don’t wait forever.  Most likely, I’ll list them in the store and it’ll be first come first served.  I’ve suggested to a lot of you to “Subscribe” to the RSS feed on the “Recently Added” category on the storefront.  You’ll get an email notification of new items as shortly after they’re added.

Other then the Charred Oak, the Beer Scouts are done.  I have a good supply on hand of the Beer Barrel Oak which I thought was one of the best handles on this series.  Last I checked, most of the other handle materials are in stock as well.

I’m really hoping we might see something new from someone before year end.  The consensus from email exchanges and phone conversations, it sure would be nice to see something other then another iteration of the Barlow.  Nice pattern, but……  Be nice to end the year with a bang!  Stir things up a bit and generate some excitement.

Beer Scouts & Frog Lube notes

Most of you are aware the Beer Barrel Oak Beer Scouts arrived last week.  I was curious to see what they looked like.  My concern was that it might be a dark, muddy looking oak.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the more attractive ‘basic’ wood handles GEC has offered in a while.

GEC Beer Barrel Oak, Beer Scout
GEC Beer Barrel Oak, Beer Scout

It’s a nicely colored wood with some well defined grain.  Actually, it’s probably one of my favorite handle options.  I have a good supply of them on hand.

I’ve had a couple of inquiries recently about Frog Lube and how to use it.  It’s pretty straight forward, but the most effective application is as follows.

Using a mild non-oil based solvent, such as Slip 2000’s 725 Gun Cleaner/Degreaser, a mild mixture of dish soap and water, acetone, etc.  My only caution is to avoid getting some of the more aggressive solvents on the handle material.  I prefer the Slip 2000 or a bit of dish soap in water as these are about as user friendly as you can get.  Cleaning all of the petroleum based oil off from the metal allows better adherence of the Frog Lube to the surface.  It’s worth the time and effort.

I recommend warming the metal slight with a hair dryer or letting the knife lay in a warm or sunny area.  Once the metal feels a bit warmer then room temperature, simply wipe a light coat of Frog Lube over the entire metal surface.  Allow it to dry for a half hour and wipe off any excess lube.  A nice feature of the Frog Lube is if you get it on a wood, bone or horn handle…no problem.

Once you’ve done the initial ‘cleanup’, any further reapplication is just a matter of wiping the surface with a light coat of Frog Lube.  Just like you’d do with a petroleum based oil.  You’ll be glad you took the extra step of cleaning the oil off from the blade to begin with as it’ll allow for much better adherence of the Frog Lube.

I’ve been using it for about a year now and am still convinced it’s one of the best CLP type products I’ve used.  I’m on my original bottle and I use a LOT of it on my guns and knives!

The question might arise, does this mean I’ve abandoned my use of the Ballistol?  Nope!  I really like the Ballistol for cleaning and flushing hard to reach spots.  It’s a thinner consistency then the Frog Lube and flows better.  If I get a knife that feels gritty when I open it, the Ballistol does a great job of penetrating and flushing away any gunk.  I also find it works great for a bore scrubber if you’re a shooter.

Both the Ballistol and the Frog Lube are environmentally friendly.  If you don’t like the smell of some of the lubes out there, try the Frog Lube.  Works great, smells minty.


Weekly Update 12.2.16

Anyone else realize it’s just over 3 weeks until Christmas?????  How in the world did that happen?

If you’ve been watching, I got another lot of the knives listed in the store this week and they tend to go about as fast as they get listed.  There are some very nice pieces in the collection and a lot of you are paying attention.  I have around 25 more that I’ll list next week.  I’m also working on acquiring another small group of GEC’s from another collection next week.

The current collection has been a rather eclectic group with some TC Barlow’s and JBF Champlins thrown in the mix.

JBF Champlin 85's
JBF Champlin 85’s

I was invoiced this week for the last of the GEC Beer Scouts (Wood).  My best guess is they should show up tomorrow and I’ll try to get them listed and invoices sent out this weekend.

This week I shipped the wood out for the next run of the Trestle Pine Knives Superior.  The initial run of the Superiors sold out really quickly and I meant to get another run put together earlier this fall.  BUT…. didn’t happen.  It’ll be after the first of the year before they’re ready so hang on.  There’s going to be a good selection with 12 different wood handle options, including the Old Growth Wood.

A customer got ahold of me this week and told me that he had ‘dinged’ the blade on his Trestle Pine Buddy.  He wasn’t quite sure how to go about touching up a convex grind without messing things up.  If that happens to you, let me know and send it back for a free sharpening.  All I ask is a couple of bucks to cover the return shipping.

A convex grind is really easy to maintain with a soft pad and some superfine (1500-2500 grit) sandpaper.  This link: Bark River Collectors Assoc. covers the subject pretty thoroughly.  In the event you don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own, let me know.

This is a good time of the year to get serious about dragging out the Edge Pro or whatever you use to keep things sharp.  In the northern states, big game seasons are starting to wind down and some of us are getting ready to think about ice fishing.  So while you’re touching up the hunting knife, you might just as well get the fillet knife out and get it ready as well.

I find I tend to sharpen my pocket EDC’s on a regular basis but neglect the bigger knives I take camping until I need them.  There are few things more irritating then getting into camp and pulling out a dull knife.  Now’s a good time to give them some attention, apply a coat of Frog Lube and put them away for the season.  Come summer you’re ready to go!


Weekend Gun Show Report

It was another drop dead gorgeous weekend that was meant to be spent outdoors, not indoors!  Warm and sunny was the order of the days following Thanksgiving and it was felt at the weekend Gun Show.

Even with the reduced number of attendees, it wasn’t a total blowout and actually, knife sales were pretty good.  I had a really pleasant guy set up next to me with a table full of $10-20 knives who did quite good as well.  The lower priced knives were selling well for him and used knives made up most of the activity on my tables.

I spoke with a number of gun dealer friends who said that gun sales were rather subdued.  The consensus seemed to be that the elections were over and everyone was breathing a collective sigh of relief.  The urgency to ‘buy now’ has let up a bit.  It’s going to be interesting going into the new year to see if that trend continues.

Best part of the show was presenting a brother and sister, around 9-11 years old with their first hunting knives, courtesy of Ken Daniels and Queen Cutlery.  They were at the show with their grandfather and I engaged them in a discussion about knives, shooting, hunting and such.  Both were shooters and the older brother had a pocket knife but no hunter yet.  I’m not sure if they were more surprised to get the knives or their grandfather.  Thanks again Ken, that’s the highlight of the shows I attend and it sure sets a great example for Queen Cutlery.

A couple of new Schatt & Morgan knives arrived today including  the pictured Reverse Gunstock and #1L Lock Back.

Schatt & Morgan #1L
Schatt & Morgan #1L
Reverse Gun Stock Blue Bone
#50 Reverse Gun Stock Blue Bone
#50 Reverse Gun Stock, Black Saw Cut
#50 Reverse Gun Stock, Black Saw Cut

Beyond that, I’ll try to get a few more knives listed and hopefully, we’ll see the Wood Beer Scouts in this week!

Thanksgiving Wishes And Early Update

I wanted to extend the best of Thanksgiving Wishes to everyone, albeit a bit early.  There’s a gun show at the National Guard Armory in Moorhead, MN Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, so it’s not going to be possible to get a weekly update in before next week.

This week the GEC Beer Scouts in Golden Ale Jigged bone arrived.  My best guess is we’ll see the wood handles next week and that will finish things up.  From then till the end of the year I think it’ll be fairly quiet.

Golden Ale Beer Scout
Golden Ale Beer Scout

As most of you have noticed, I’ve been getting some of the knives from the collections listed in the store this week.  I believe I’m about half way through them and hope to get the balance listed next week.  There have been some really choice pieces in the lot.


As well as some really hard to find pieces.

GEC 5th Anniversary Whaler
GEC 5th Anniversary Whaler


White Awabi LG Roughneck 1 of 6
White Awabi LG Roughneck 1 of 6


As I said, there’s more to come and it gets better and better!

Hope everyone has a great & safe Thanksgiving!  If you’re within driving distance this weekend, try to drop by the Moorhead Gun Show either Friday 4PM-8PM or Saturday 8AM-4PM.  I look forward to seeing some of you!!

Beer Scouts and Such

Maroon Linen Beer Scouts arrived this week,

Beer Scout Maroon Micarta
Beer Scout Maroon Micarta

and we should have the Golden Ale Beer Scouts in the next day or two.  The last will be the Beer Barrel Oak and then it’s back to SFO’s.  From a conversation earlier this week,  my understanding is that once the Beer Scouts are done, the only regular run items through the end of February will be the upcoming 74’s and 71’s.

I’m still slowly working on the collection I’ve been listing and have over half of them left to list.  There are some really nice knives left and the response to the one’s listed has been great.  The older knives are hard to beat and some of that early stag was outstanding.  From a collector’s standpoint, the fact that most of them came in really short runs (many less then 25) makes some of them hard to find.

The week was full of activity starting with my Great Nephew’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor and ending the week with our first snow.

November 18 Snow Storm
November 18 First Snow

When winter comes, we go from brilliant color….


to monochrome….


Not really a ‘storm’ but there were folks not to far away that got smacked pretty good with 10″+ with high winds.  There’s only been about 5″ of wet, heavy snow at our house.  It’s always nice to get an inch or two that melt away before it starts to build up for the winter and I hope this is gone in a week or so.  It was coming sooner or later but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept!

Thinking ahead a bit, there’s a gun show coming up at the National Guard Armory in Moorhead, MN on Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving day, November 25 and 26.  The show opens at 4 PM on Friday until 8 PM Friday evening and runs from 8 AM Saturday until 4 PM Saturday afternoon.  Only three years old, this has been an excellent show with a good cross section of vendors and attendees.  Hope to see some of you there!

Congrats to a new Eagle Scout

I made a quick trip out of town yesterday to attend my Great Nephew’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor.


He’s flanked here on each side by his two cousins ( a couple more great nephew’s) who attended wearing their Cub Scout uniforms.  “Fledgling Eagles”??  (It’s worth noting that the two Cub Scouts are both carrying their personal pocket knives.)

It’s pretty neat when a young man reaches the level of Eagle Scout as it’s not a quick and easy accomplishment.  Takes a lot of time, determination and character. And, it’s hard to believe this is the same guy I gave his first knife 10 short years ago.  How time does fly.

First Knife
First Knife

Congrats and we’re all incredibly proud of you!!!

Happy Veterans Day ~ Bid NOW!!

Happy Veterans Day to all of the Vet’s out there.  And I this is a reminder that today is your last chance to bid on the Tom’s Choice knife offered on the Wounded Warrior Project Auction!!  The current bid is $155 and you have until Midnite CST today to have a chance at winning with a higher bid.  Remember, 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Another of the Beer Scouts came through with Micarta handles this week and we should see more coming in next week.

Beer Scout Maroon Micarta
Beer Scout Maroon Micarta

I’ve been adding knives from the collection I picked up and they’ve been well received.  As I said, this was a really nice collection with some very nice pieces in it.  Not sure if I’ll be able to add any more until next week, but I will try.

In closing, I’ll remind you again that today is your last chance to BID NOW on the Wounded Warrior Project auction.  Nice knife for a great cause.  Happy Veteran’s Day and thanks to all of you!