Wounded Warrior Project SAK Memorial Day Promo

Hard to believe Monday is Memorial Day already, but it is.  For a number of years TSA Knives has had some sort of fund raising project on this weekend to assist the Wounded Warrior Project.  In the past it’s usually taken the form of an auction but I decided to try something a little different this year.

Pretty simple actually.  Anyone buying a Swiss Army Knife between now and through Monday, May 29 will have the option to receive one of the SAK Classic’s for just $5 (normally $12.95).

Swiss Army Classic

Get it?  You buy any Swiss Army Knife in the store for regular price and you can add a Classic to your order for just $5.

So how does that benefit the Wounded Warrior Project?  TSA Knives will MATCH your $5 and make a $10 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project for each Classic sold.  Should be a win/win deal for you and the Wounded Warrior Project.

As I said, the Promo starts immediately and runs through Monday.  When you place an order for one of the regular SAK’s you’ll have a button asking if you want to add a Classic to the cart for $5.  Just select yes or no and your good to go!

Mosaic Pins Photo & Trestle Pine Knives in Germany

I wanted to post a new photo of the Mosaic Pins used on the recent release of the Trestle Pine Buddy.  Not being a photographer, my photo’s rarely turn out as intended and the previous Mosaic Pins photo was a case in point.  This will give you a little better idea how they look.

Trestle Pine Buddy “Mosaic Pins”

In real life they look incredibly nice on the different woods.  In all honesty, I was shamed into getting a new picture up after getting a couple of photo’s from Sven at Messerdepot in Solingen, Germany.  He received his order or Trestle Pines for his shop and forwarded a couple of pictures he shot.  Think I should consider hiring him to do my photo’s!!!

Trestle Pine Grand Portage Circassian Walnut
Trestle Pine Portage Old Growth Oak
Trestle Pine Superior Blue Box Elder Burl


Factory Samples, Trestle Pine Buddy & Trestle Pine Topper

A couple of weeks ago, I  acquired a handful of Factory Samples from Queen.  This week, I had a few more Factory Samples arrive including a couple of Doctors Knives which I haven’t seen made in quite some time.  Many years ago I smoked pipe and found out that spatula blade worked great for cleaning the pipe bowl and the pill crusher was great for tamping the tobacco.  Probably not a Doctor approved application, but it worked!

Doctors Knife Factory Sample Rosewood

An interesting detail is the Doctors Knives have the old “Gowanda, NY” tang stamp.  Very interesting.

Old “Gowanda, NY” Tang Stamp

The Factory Samples also included an assortment of 1 of a kind 99 Executive Jacks.  There were some Brown Jigged Bone, Pink Bone, Elk etc.  All come with a signed COA.

99 Pink Bone Factory Sample

The Trestle Pine Buddy order also arrived Wednesday.  There’s a great assortment of ‘exotic’ handle materials and they did not disappoint!   The pictures don’t do them justice.  If you’re familiar with the term chatoyancy, these handles have it in spades.  You never know how much color and depth you’ll have until the knives are finished.

Balck Ash Burl Trestle Pine Buddy

As luck would have it, Wednesday I was finishing up sawing the final panels for the Trestle Pine Topper when my band saw died. I needed about 20 more pair to finish the order.  I could either wait a week for parts or buy a new saw, so… new saw it was!  Considering how much I use that saw, why does stuff die at the most critical times?  There were so many opportunities for it to crap out during ‘so what’ projects.  Oh well.

While I was sawing the panels, I sand and buff a few  to try to get an idea how they’ll finish. Some of the quarter sawn ash looks really promising.  The first Trestle Pine Superiors came through with a few quarter sawn ash that were really unique.  Hopefully, there will be more on the Topper.  At this point, we’re still on track for a late May delivery.

My understanding is we’re just a few weeks out from the new  #3 EXP Mountain Man  Auto.  I’m guessing the first part of June would be a good bet.  Based on early order interest, the #3 EXP will be every bit as popular as the 71 John Henry Express Auto’s.




Swiss Army Knives and MORE!

The Swiss Army Knives arrived this week and most are in the store.  It was fun going through the different models as I listed them.  My love affair with the SAK’s go back many years and really came to a head when I started TSA Knives as a business.

Back in 2002, I was buying knives confiscated by the TSA at airport security check points.  The confiscated knives were turned over to different state surplus property departments and went through GSA Auctions.  At that time, you bought the knives at auction in boxes by the pound.  A 50# box of pocket knives might cost anywhere from $100-150.  You could figure there would be between 10-12 knives in a pound on average.  A high percentage of those knives were Swiss Army.

This meant I got to go through a mountain of SAK’s.  I had/have one in virtually every drawer, glove box, on the loading bench, etc in one size or another.  My wife still carries one on her keyring and I can usually lay my hands on one in a matter of minutes.  It’s just a handy, reasonably priced knife with a ton of utility.  

In fact, the one above was in my desk drawer and B. Liam Burke, whoever you are, thanks for the knife!

Being a cigar smoker, I had to try one of the Swiss Army Cigar knives and I have to say, it works great.  It makes a whole lot more sense to carry a knife with a cigar cutter on it then just a ‘dedicated’ cigar cutter.

Beyond the SAK’s, I also had some of the John Henry 71 Express knives arrive with different handle material.  I only have a couple of these left and will list them in the store front later today.  The Burlesque Stag is a great looking synthetic stag handle option.

L to R: Pearl Shockwood, Smooth Yellow Bone, Burlesque Stag

There is also a box of “Factory Sample” Schatt & Morgans that I haven’t gotten to yet.  It’s an assortment of #99 Executive Jacks and a few #96 Doctor’s Knives in various handle materials.  They’ll come with COA’s (which I’m waiting on).  I’ll try to get them listed next week.

Beyond that… it was a tough week for criminal activity in the area once again.  Hate to admit we live in such a ‘rough’ area, but figured I might as well share it as a warning to all of you to be on the alert!!  If you see something….say something!



#3 EXP Mountain Man Auto Details and Early Orders

Let’s start out by sharing a few details about the new #3 EXP Mountain Man Auto from Queen / Schatt & Morgan Cutlery.  They have taken the original mechanism used on the John Henry #71 Express Auto and applied it to the popular Schatt & Morgan Mountain Man.

The Mountain Man at 4.5″ OAL closed is considerably more compact then the John Henry #71 Express which is 5.5″ OAL closed.  The more compact size results in an easier operated opening mechanism while still providing a substantial work knife.  Both knives come with a 1095 blade.

The scheduled ship date is the first part of June, coinciding with the Blade Show.  I will start shipping paid early orders for the #3 EXP Mountain Man as soon as they arrive.  Here are the handle options and anticipated production quantities  released last night.

  • Ironwood  50
  • Orange Maple Burl   50
  • Golden Maple Burl   50
  • Worm Groove Bone   50
  • Rams Horn    50
  • “Mixed” Shock Wood   50

Here is the link to place an Early Order for the above options:  #3 EXP Mountain Man Early Order.  I haven’t included the “Mixed” Shock Wood on the early order page as I have no idea what the Shock Wood will be or the quantity of each I’ll get.

Hopefully this link will work to get you to the YouTube video short of the #3 EXP Mountain Man in action.

New German Trestle Pine Dist ~ New S&M Senator

I’m happy to let my customers in Germany know that there is now a Trestle Pine Dist in  Solingen, Germany that will be carrying the Trestle Pine Knives.  The name of the shop is Messerdepot owned and operated by Sven Kinast.  Here’s the link to his website and store address:  Messerdepot  I’m hopeful that it works out for both of us!

Schatt & Morgan released a new 21 Senator today in several handle options.  REALLY a nicely finished little pocket knife.

An interesting detail is Queen/Schatt & Morgan has reverted to the old Gowanda New York style tang stamp.  This was one of the original tang stamp styles used by Schatt & Morgan at the turn of the century.

I don’t know if it’s purely coincidental or not that they revived this old tang stamp about the same time we’re seeing the old time quality come back.  It’ll be interesting to see if this tang stamp continues in use.

The GEC 54’s also arrived yesterday.  Nice looking knife.  I received the Jigged Brazilian Cherry and Red River Acrylics.  The Red River Acrylic is a nice subtle acrylic with interesting ‘figure’.   I think there is one more ‘regular’ run knife coming in bone.

Jigged Brazilian Cherry 54 Big Jack
Red River Acrylic

The last note is an update on the fixed blade Trestle Pine Buddy.  I got a call yesterday that they were shipping the Buddy’s this week.  When I asked how they looked the answer was….’outstanding’.   Evidently the wood I shipped out finished really nicely.  There will be a few pieces of Curly Koa, a few more Box Elder Burl, Afzelia Lay, Black Ash Burl and Curly Maple.  Really hoping I get them by weeks end.

Weekly Update – Trestle Pine, Queen and SAK

This weekly update is a bit short on ‘news’.  Other then a few more of the older GEC’s I added there was a shortage of new items to report but a few good things are in the future.  There’s some Trestle Pine and Queen updates but that’s about it!

Queen has a couple of new items coming through I believe next week.  The first will be a Medium Toothpick.

Next will be some 63 Rail Splitters.

Actually, I’m not sure which order they’ll be coming in.  These are both popular items.

I believe the next issue of John Henry Express Auto’s will be arriving in the week or two as well.  There are 3 new handle options that haven’t previously been offered.  Queen also has another new release that will be announce to coincide with the Blade show and I’ll pass on the details as soon as I can.

Yesterday I got confirmation that the wood will ship for the Trestle Pine Topper next week.  Everything else is ready to go so we should be on track to see the finished knives arrive before the end of the month.  These will have the S30V blades.  With any luck the new run of the fixed blade Trestle Pine Buddy should also be arriving before month’s end.  The Buddy’s will have 1095 blades and most will be high end woods with Mosaic pins.  Should be a really great looking EDC knife.

And finally, the Swiss Army knives shipped today.  My hope is they’ll arrive sometime next week.  Its been a long time since I’ve carried the SAK’s and look forward to getting them.  Honestly, I look forward to shifting gears and moving on to something a little different.

Gun Show follow up

Another good gun show this past weekend.  Great to get to visit with several of you and appreciated the feedback on the Trestle Pine’s.  John had asked me to shoot  a photo to see how I set up at a show.  I had 4 tables and this is about  1 & 2/3 tables.

There are books in the fore ground (under the camera) and more odds and ends on the other aisle.  The back end of the Expedition is pretty well filled up with a few more boxes on the front seat.  Packing to go isn’t so bad but I never look forward to unpacking!!!

As I said, the knife sales were good but from talking to several active gun dealers it sounds like gun sales are slowing up and prices are stabilizing and falling some.  The older collectible guns are holding up pretty good but the new stuff is a little soft.

Thanks to Ken Daniels I made a couple of young lads happy with free hunting knives.  I’m guessing they were around 10 or 11 and when I started talking to them I think they thought they were in trouble.  After a little chatting and the mention of a free hunting knife it was all smiles and high fives.  Ken, your program for the Kiddo’s is a fantastic way to get these kids interested in knives.  Thanks for making it possible!!!  Sure is a lot more to life than money!

I looked out the kitchen window this morning and thought our resident Eagle had flown in with a small northern pike for breakfast.  When I looked again I realized it was an Osprey not an Eagle.  We don’t Osprey’s hanging around the back door very often and I hope they stick around.

We also have a murder of crows that take up residency out front every spring always ready to harass the Eagle.  The crows will stick around and usually clean up any dropped bits of fish or critter that hit the ground.  It was interesting to see they didn’t discriminate when the Osprey came in.

Beyond the show and the wildlife, I’m just waiting for more knives to arrive.  I’m not sure what order the GEC 54’s are being run, but there are a bunch of SFO’s and if they take priority, it’ll be a while before the ‘regular’ run comes through.  Just a reminder, I’m not taking any reservations on these as they’re another allocated item and have no guarantees on how many will come my way.

I’m waiting on the wood to come through for the Trestle Pine Topper.  The plan was to have them run mid-May and that’s closing in real fast.  Haven’t heard when the SAK’s are coming in but again, hope to see them in the near future as well.  Hurry up and wait seems to be the theme this week.

Gun Show this Weekend 4.28.17

Kind of a short update this week, but I wanted to remind folks that there is a gun show this weekend in Detroit Lakes, MN at the National Guard Armory.  Show hours are 9-5 Saturday and 9-3 on Sunday.  This is always a popular show locally and I really hope anyone in driving distance can make it in.

I’ll have 4 tables and an assortment of knives on hand.  Typically, I have quite a few knives on hand that aren’t listed in the store that are reserved for the shows.  This time around I have a few Buck 110 & 112 auto’s that just came in.  There will also be some Queen Prototype fixed blades, a couple of Lon Humphrey’s, Microtech’s and a few other odds and ends.  Always try to keep things interesting!!

As promised, I started listing some of the knives this week that I recently acquired in a number of small collections .  It’s an interesting mix of old and new GEC’s and there are more to be listed next week.  I also came across a stash of around 20 GEC Prototypes going back to 2008.

I’m getting more calls from collectors that do most of their buying and searching for older GEC’s primarily through Ebay.  With the prices on Ebay going through the stratosphere, a couple of these customers have bought 8-10 knives at a time and immediately flipped them on Ebay at pretty incredible returns.  One of the recurring questions is how do they search my website for specific knives.  Use the “search” option.

To make it simple, try using the most brief of terms or read the advanced search directions.  A great example is the Schatt & Morgan 71 Express.  Just type the search term “Express” in the window and it will return the 71 Express’ knives.  If you don’t get the result you want, expand your search criteria a word at a time, i.e. “71 Express”, etc.  Be sure to use the “quote” marks to enclose all of the search terms.

I’m going to cut it off for now and finish getting things packed up for the show.  We set up this afternoon and the show runs from 9-5 tomorrow (Saturday) and 9-3 Sunday.  Muskrat, Randy, Mike, John…hope to see you guys over the weekend.  Bring cash!!!